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Pet Door Installation

At Design Windows & Doors, we believe in providing your pets with freedom and easy access to the outdoors. Pet doors provide homeowners with the ultimate in convenience when they are away from home, giving pets the independence they crave and the ability to prevent making a mess inside. A customized pet door installation not only provides pets with the perfect accessory, but also delivers a seamless, energy efficient solution that won't sacrifice the look and appearance of your home.

Pet Door Installation

Over our many years of service, we have come to proudly trust and rely on the wonderful products from the Pet Door Guys. Since 1999, the Pet Door Guys have provided homeowners and their pets an assortment of high quality pet doors to suit the needs of small and large pets alike.They offer the best in style, convenience and reliability which is why we've come to love their products for our pet door installation services. We strive to deliver the very best in professional and experienced installations and want to ensure that both you and your pets are happy.

The Benefits of our Pet Doors

  • Energy efficient Endura Flap
  • Pets can experience the "great outdoors" or "cozy indoors" when they please
  • Better looking than inefficient "pet-panels"
  • Allows your sliding patio door to lock and unlock easily

For more information about the pet doors we use from the Pet Door Guys, please visit: or get in touch with one of our certified professionals to arrange your pet door installation today.