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Replacement windows and doors for your Beaumont home

An excellent, but sometimes forgotten, way to upgrade your home is with a replacement window or door. Besides simply having an immediate impact on your home's curb appeal, a new window or door can also improve your home in many other ways. Is your home uncomfortable or do you have a surprisingly high heating (or cooling) bill? A replacement window or door can help with these problems by reducing drafts in your home and keeping your heating and cooling systems from having to work overtime. A new door or window can also help you keep your home more secure from intruders or pests.

If you're interested in having replacement windows installed in Beaumont, CA, then look no farther than Design Windows and Doors Inc.. We are a family owned company founded in 2005 that specializes in window and door services. Our mission has always been to provide quality windows and doors that will last and customer service that is the envy of other contractors. Our efforts have been a resounding success and we boast a strong reputation for excellence and many returning and referral customers. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free estimate!

What are the benefits of a window or door replacement from Design Windows and Doors Inc.?

A window or door replacement, provided it comes from a quality contractor like Design Windows and Doors Inc., provides many benefits. Here are just a few ways a new window or door can help your home:

  • Better energy efficiency: Are you noticing unusually high energy bills? Often this comes from hot or cold air escaping out of old windows and doors that have become drafty. Replacing your old windows and doors with some new, quality options will eliminate, or at least greatly reduce, these drafts. Therefore your heating or cooling system will no longer have to work quite as hard, thus reducing your energy bill as your home becomes more energy efficient.  
  • A more comfortable home: Another benefit of eliminating drafts is the increased comfort this provides. No longer will you need to go grab a blanket simply because a nearby window is letting cold air sweep the room where you're trying to curl up on a chair. New windows will also be far clearer, thus allowing much more natural light to enter the room which will make it both more welcoming and comfortable to live in.
  • Improved home safety: Old windows and doors can also be detrimental to your home's safety. Because of their age, they will often sit in the frame poorly and thus be vulnerable to potential burglars. Gaps between the windows or doors and their frames will also make it easy for pests like insects to slip in even when they are closed. Quality replacement windows and doors will be far more secure and, if properly installed by a quality contractor like Design Windows and Doors Inc., fit securely within the frame. 
  • Attractive and customizable: Of course there is also one very simple reason that new windows or doors are a good option. Quality window and door replacements simply look much better than the old windows they replace. More styles are now available than ever and here at Design Windows and Doors Inc. we can help you find a replacement door or window that will fit best with your home and style.

Your first choice for window and door services in Beaumont, California 

Do you have old, drafty windows and doors? Do you simply want an affordable way to upgrade your home's appearance? Design Windows and Doors Inc. can provide the window replacement and door replacement services you need.

Here at Design Windows and Doors Inc., we pride ourselves on our customer service and the high-quality windows and doors we install in your home. Learn more about why we have such a strong reputation in Beaumont, California by contacting us today online or by phone today! We also offer free estimates!

Job Stories From Beaumont, CA
Milgard Tuscany Windows Installed On Home In Beaumont

S. Booth, from Beaumont, needed all of her aluminum windows replaced with her quality ones. She wanted ones that would not corrode and fade over time. With that in mind, she decided to have Milgard Tuscany windows installed throughout her entire home.

These windows are known to have long-lasting durability and provide the best energy effciency you can buy. So, it was no surprise that these were the windows for her. The job consisted of replacing her windows with all Half-Vent styles, for easy functionality and chic design.

Once the installation was complete Mrs. Booth was very happy and said goodbye to her aluminum windows forever.

Milgard Tuscany Windows Installed On Home In Beaumont - Photo 1Milgard Tuscany Windows Installed On Home In Beaumont - Photo 2
Entry Door Replacement with AAW Mahogany Wood in Beaumont

W. Stewart, in Beaumont, wanted to upgrade his front entry door with a new and sophisticated one. The original door was not complementing his home the way he wanted it to anymore and he thought it was time for a change. He was looking for a door that would allow for more sunlight to come through and that would provide a new look to his entryway.

Shopping around for the right door took some time, however, we were able to help him with the process. He made the decision to have an AAW L-Series Mahogany Wood door installed. It features a uniquely designed double glass that adds style and elegance.

Once he found the right door we were able to install it in half a day. Mr. Stewart is happy with the installation and with how his new door adds a great touch to his home.


Entry Door Replacement with AAW Mahogany Wood in Beaumont - Photo 1Entry Door Replacement with AAW Mahogany Wood in Beaumont - Photo 2
All Home Windows Replaced with Milgard Style Line in Beaumont

R. Matthews, in Beaumont, knew that it was time for him and his wife to replace their original windows. They were tired of all the dust finding its way into their home and they were tired of how brightly the sun would shine through. They had a lot of windows that surrounded their home, so they knew that it was important to replace them all instead of just a few.

After shopping around for a few days, Mr. Matthews decided to give us a call and have our installation team do the job. They wanted to replace all 14 of their windows with new Milgard Style Line units. These style of windows provide a vinyl that helps block harmful UV rays and preserves the exterior finish. This keeps the windows from corroding, which allows them to look new for years. It was important for him to get windows that were designed for long-lasting performance.

After the installation was complete, Mr. Matthews was extremely happy and had only positive things to say about the process. He now notices less dust entering his home and is saving money on energy costs.

All Home Windows Replaced with Milgard Style Line in Beaumont - Photo 1All Home Windows Replaced with Milgard Style Line in Beaumont - Photo 2
Work Requests From Beaumont, CA
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