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Red Hot Fiberglass Door Installation in Monrovia

Red Hot Fiberglass Door Installation in Monrovia

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Red Hot Fiberglass Door Installation in Monrovia Red Hot Fiberglass Door Installation in Monrovia

M. Willoughby, from Monrovia, wanted to replace his entry door with a new stylish model. He wanted a replacement front door that would stand out and really liven up the entryway to his home. It's not surprising that he chose an El & EL fiberglass single door for his new entry door. This front door features a custom red hot finished color and fixed sidelites for an unparalleled look. Mr. Willoughby's replacement entry door definitely stands out from the rest.

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Replacement windows and doors for your Monrovia home

An excellent, but sometimes forgotten, way to upgrade your home is with a replacement window or door. Besides simply having an immediate impact on your home's curb appeal, a new window or door can also improve your home in many other ways. Is your home uncomfortable or do you have a surprisingly high heating (or cooling) bill? A replacement window or door can help with these problems by reducing drafts in your home and keeping your heating and cooling systems from having to work overtime. A new door or window can also help you keep your home more secure from intruders or pests.

If you're interested in having replacement windows installed in Monrovia, CA, then look no farther than Design Windows and Doors Inc.. We are a family owned company founded in 2005 that specializes in window and door services. Our mission has always been to provide quality windows and doors that will last and customer service that is the envy of other contractors. Our efforts have been a resounding success and we boast a strong reputation for excellence and many returning and referral customers. Contact us today to learn more and schedule your free estimate!

What are the benefits of a window or door replacement from Design Windows and Doors Inc.?

A window or door replacement, provided it comes from a quality contractor like Design Windows and Doors Inc., provides many benefits. Here are just a few ways a new window or door can help your home:

  • Better energy efficiency: Are you noticing unusually high energy bills? Often this comes from hot or cold air escaping out of old windows and doors that have become drafty. Replacing your old windows and doors with some new, quality options will eliminate, or at least greatly reduce, these drafts. Therefore your heating or cooling system will no longer have to work quite as hard, thus reducing your energy bill as your home becomes more energy efficient.  
  • A more comfortable home: Another benefit of eliminating drafts is the increased comfort this provides. No longer will you need to go grab a blanket simply because a nearby window is letting cold air sweep the room where you're trying to curl up on a chair. New windows will also be far clearer, thus allowing much more natural light to enter the room which will make it both more welcoming and comfortable to live in.
  • Improved home safety: Old windows and doors can also be detrimental to your home's safety. Because of their age, they will often sit in the frame poorly and thus be vulnerable to potential burglars. Gaps between the windows or doors and their frames will also make it easy for pests like insects to slip in even when they are closed. Quality replacement windows and doors will be far more secure and, if properly installed by a quality contractor like Design Windows and Doors Inc., fit securely within the frame. 
  • Attractive and customizable: Of course there is also one very simple reason that new windows or doors are a good option. Quality window and door replacements simply look much better than the old windows they replace. More styles are now available than ever and here at Design Windows and Doors Inc. we can help you find a replacement door or window that will fit best with your home and style.

Your first choice for window and door services in Monrovia, California 

Do you have old, drafty windows and doors? Do you simply want an affordable way to upgrade your home's appearance? Design Windows and Doors Inc. can provide the window replacement and door replacement services you need.

Here at Design Windows and Doors Inc., we pride ourselves on our customer service and the high-quality windows and doors we install in your home. Learn more about why we have such a strong reputation in Monrovia, California by contacting us today online or by phone today! We also offer free estimates!

Job Stories From Monrovia, CA
All Home Windows & Doors Replacement Job in Monrovia

J. Maslowski, from Monrovia, was looking to have a windows and doors makeover done for his home. His original windows and doors were either wood or aluminum. So, he knew it was time to get them upgraded to high performance vinyl models. That is when he contacted us to help him find the right kind that would best suit his needs.

After discussing his different options, he chose to have Milgard Tuscany model units replace his windows and his sliding patio door. For his laundry and entry doors he wanted fiberglass doors that would each feature a white interior/exterior finish.

Mr. Maslowski was hoping we could get the installation done as quickly as possible and we did. The 14 window and 3 door job took only 3 days to complete, allowing Mr. Maslowski to enjoy his new windows and doors sooner than he expected. This job was done in 2015 and the windows still look as good as new.

All Home Windows & Doors Replacement Job in Monrovia - Photo 1All Home Windows & Doors Replacement Job in Monrovia - Photo 2All Home Windows & Doors Replacement Job in Monrovia - Photo 3