My experience was AMAZING, the project took place between Jan. 2021 to Aug. 2021! When we received our quote from Mike McLean, he was very honest and clear with his explanation of the different window options we had and the pricing of the project. He showed examples of past projects, that ranged from retrofits to fixing botched jobs from competitors. After we had chosen our windows and options. we were assigned our project manager, Martha. Goodness gracious, I did not think I'd come across someone as dedicated and hard working as Martha. all through out the project she was constantly on top of everything. She handled all the documents pertaining to HOA and other documentation, save for the documents that required us to fill out. when it came to the windows and the project she would always keep us posted on how things were going no matter if it was letting us know about approval ETAs or just letting us know about information pertaining to the factory and our order. Come June we receive our windows are ready for install and Luis who installed them did a splendid job. He removed the old windows and installed the new ones in less than five hours, all while flying solo! But alas! we were missing screens and the lock on one of the panels wasn't behaving too well. I let her know and before I could say warranty she had already called Milgard about the screens that were missing and had set up for a technician to come out and check our lock. The screens were back ordered and the lock issue was resolved quite quickly and the lock was behaving as intended. after the initial install we had to wait two months until the time of writing this to receive the screens and all through out Martha was keeping us up to date on what was going on with our order. On 8/24 our screens were delivered and installed by Ray! the install was quick, he also took care of some touch up on the paint for the frames. He also told me a little more about our windows. I want to thank you all at Design for making this project a great adventure. Special thanks to Martha for her dedication and diligence, Mike McLean for helping us with choosing our windows and starting our project, and the Techs who installed our windows, Luis and Ray, even though I was watching and asking questions they were working efficiently and never lost focus. THANK YOU !!!!

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